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SandalGreetings dear soul, who “went wrong” here. Since there are no coincidences, you came here for a reason. My earthly name is Bárány Tünde Nikoletta (in English: Nicolette Fairy Lamb). But I use my spiritual / higher vibrational angelic name (higher self) – Sandal – in daily life. (I am born as an angelic spark here on Earth.)
I started making my mandalas in 2013 (digitally) with angelic help and codes. Each mandala is a code and affects each other. It transmits vibrations and impulses to human consciousness. They trigger feelings, thoughts, urges. Just as you can’t find two identical ones from snowflakes, neither can you find two identical colors or shapes from mandalas. Each mandala raises the level of vibration, helps internal development, energizes, develops awareness. I also welcome those on my site who are not spiritually oriented at all, but just love beautiful pictures, creations, creative arts.
Making a mandala is a wonderful meditative state for me where I connect with the heavenly world and create something with my beloved angels through which I can and can convey feelings, energies, harmony, love and light to people through me.
As a crystal healer, I have been working with crystals on a daily basis for over 8 years. I meditate and talk to them on a daily basis (telepathically, as I physically hear crystals, angels, elementals – fairies, elves, other entities …).
And as a spiritual teacher, I help people ascend in these times on Gaia.
In addition to mandalas, I create digital pictures / landscapes, paint and take photos, and have been making video clips / trailers since I was a child. Or I help those who turn to me with spiritual advice.
I embrace you with my light and love. Blessing.